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Gift For Shipping: Aurelius VIP

Gift For Shipping: Aurelius VIP

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For those who are serious about our products, we’ve crafted this package to give you the best of everything we have to offer.

It features:

1 x 200 ml Flavoured Olive Oil,

1 x 200 ml Flavoured dark balsamic vinegar or white balsamic,

2 x Premium Pour Spouts,

2 x 60 ml Mini Oil & Dark or White Balsamic,

1 x Jar of Stuffed Olives,

1 x Large Rub/Seasoning,

1 x Mini Salt,

1 x Atelier Tréma Cruet,

1 x Recipe Card.

This is perfect for the host/hostess in your life.

This Gift is packed for shipping in order to protect the fragile contents.  It is NOT packed as a Gift Baskets.

Products may vary based on inventory.

Gifted For Shipping