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Elegant 3 Pack Minis: Tropic Thunder

Elegant 3 Pack Minis: Tropic Thunder

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An elegantly-sleeved black box with three mini bottles of our flavoured products.  This sleek gift pack is great to have on hand for when you need a hostess gift.  Why give wine when you can give oils and balsamics? 

Tropic Thunder is great to showcase different ways one can use balsamic vinegars.  This pack includes Coconut White Balsamic, Blood Orange EVOO, and Mango BalsamicUse on seafood, fruit salad, or drizzle over desserts. Pair these together or use on their own!

Our gift packs are a great way to introduce a friend or colleague to the wonderful world of flavoured oils and balsamics. Gift includes three 60ml bottles, crinkle paper for protection, and a small note about our products.

*Flavours based off of current inventory.